Painting Techniques Part 3: A Practical Guide through Time – 20th to 21st Century Art

With Artist & Tutor Anthony Daley

MONDAYS 24 April to 10 July 2017 – The 1st of May is a Bank Holiday and half term is on 29 May

Course Fee £540

This is a material based course with respect and in response to the multiple developments in painting and the art movements of the 20th and 21st Century.

Anthony Daley Abstract Pic 2

Anthony Daley will deliver a ten week course on Mondays. The course is one of practical and sustained painting and drawing with an emphasis on materials, concepts and passions of twentieth century as found in post-war American paintings. The course will employ a technique of multi-layered teaching. That is, teaching each individual student independently according to their own needs and level whilst maintaining a group cohesion and purpose. This allows the course to be suitable for all comers, from beginner to advanced. This course aims to be a labyrinthine journey with and through drawing and painting, but it will be a labyrinth of our own making where the only peril will be discovery itself.

Please note The 1st of May is a Bank Holiday and half term is on 29 May 2017



  1. Student (Stephen Bushe) at work – Approaches to Abstract Painting with Anthony Daley 2017

    LAUNCHING OF FROM EUROPE. This is a brief look through practical engagement with drawing in traditional materials. Working in black and white, and colour while working through at some of the pictorial thinking and fine art practices and teaching methods of the Paul Klee and the Bauhaus School. Attempting to identify and develop a thread (however tenuous) that lead to developments in 20th century post war American painting

  2. SUBJECT AND MATTER. Exploring methods and techniques through a range of painting materials such as oil paint and acrylic, and the appropriate use of painting mediums. Where we look at the application of paint to surfaces and building pictures conceptually, which could employ using the written word and numbers is so loosely referencing the work of Jasper Johns and others in post war America.
  1. Willem de Kooning in his studio

    PAINT MATTERS. Taking a very specific look at the work and methods of Willem De Kooning. Investigating the lushness of his approach to painting, looking at the way he capriciously dipped into, slipped and slide through the physical materials themselves, nature and the history of painting at will for both gesture and subject matter. We will be making paint from raw pigments and materials in relation to the methods and recipe of De Kooning before going on to apply the stuff to prepared paper and canvas.

  2. SIZE AND SCALE. Here we look very closely at the dimensions of our work and see how this influences the look and feel, visual range and scope, and even the ultimate destiny of the finished picture.
  3. MUSIC AND PAINTING. Here we respond through drawing and painting to the impact of listening different types whilst painting, paying special attention to jazz in its resonant reverberations in Abstract Expressionist painting.
Below an example of this done by Bob and Roberta Smith 
during his class at the Essential School of painting

  1. COLOUR-FIELD AND ACTION PAINTING. Looking directly at post-war American painting where we explore the painterly consequences of removing the canvas from the stretcher, the easel or wall and incorporating full bodily gestures and non-traditional tools and vessels to apply paint.

    Anthony Daley “Like Loving under a Heavy Sky”, 2012, and “Like Strolling in the Elements”, 2012 (as seen at ‘Intuition and Anti-intuition’ show at Lamb and Lion Gallery 2012 click image)

  2. HERE AND NOW. We will aim to bring together many of the topics and activities of the terms work together in a final piece of work. Where we will attempt to make a transposition from a selected abstract expressionist period genre painting to a piece of work that reflects current painting practices and our every-day immediate landscape and environment.