The Essential School of Painting is an alternative art school based in Bethnal Green, London, specialising in painting and drawing classes taught by leading contemporary artists. The ESOP offers exciting, intellectually rigorous courses with the intention of advancing painting in the 21st Century. Classes are available for all levels of experience.

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Bob and Roberta Smith Alison Harper and Jo Good at BBC Radio London

Recently Bob & Roberta Smith who teaches the Bigger Picture course (See below) at the Essential School of Painting and our Artistic Director Alison Harper were interviewed by the BBC Radio London’s Jo Goodman. Here’s another opportunity to listen to that intriguing and wide-ranging interview on the Arts, Art Schools and Art Education. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05f6z9b  Hint: The interview starts at 01.05.00


 The Bigger Picture with Bob & Roberta Smith RA

Tuesdays, 26 Sept 2017 – 3 July 2018

Drawing Outside The Box – A contemporary drawing year 

Fridays 29 Sep 2017 to 6 Jul 2018

Painting People: The Figure & Portrait

Thursdays 28 Sept 2017 to 5 July 2018

The Painting Year: Materials, Methods and Ideas

Mondays, 25 September 2017 to 2 July 2018

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