Life Story of the Buddha
“The Bigger Picture” with Bob and Roberta Smith: Sept 2016 – July 2016
Exhibition “Shared Images” July 8th to August 8th 2016
Wednesday Painting Group Sept 2016 – July 2017
The A-Z of Painting Portraits: Sept 2016 – July 2017


The Essential School of Painting is an alternative art school based in Bethnal Green, London, specialising in painting and drawing classes taught by leading contemporary artists. The ESOP offers exciting, intellectually rigorous courses with the intention of advancing painting.

Classes are available for all levels of experience.

We are working on new courses for the year starting this September 2016. Please check regularly for the latest updates and information. Have a happy summer.


 “The Bigger Picture” with Bob and Roberta Smith

Bob & Roberta Smith

Bob & Roberta Smith

“The Bigger Picture” with Bob and Roberta Smith is a year long course which will run every Tuesday from 27th Sept 2016 – Tues 4th July 2017, 10am – 5pm. The course will be divided into 3 terms of 10 weeks. The fee for the year is £1700 (see application process for more details)

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This special year long course has been designed and will be taught by internationally renowned artist Bob and Roberta Smith. The course is concerned with thinking about painting in a radically new way and will look at painting as an act undertaken by the artist that has consequences. We will look both at the process of painting, surface, colour, form, composition and the subject of painting, the personal and political.

Exhibition   “Shared Images”

July 8th to August 8th 2016
“Shared Images” is the first group exhibition of members of the Wednesday Painting Group.
Louise Rice 2016 Oil on canvas

Louise Rice 2016 Oil on canvas

“The Essential School of Painting celebrates a collection of painting from artists attending The Essential School of Painting’s Wednesday Painting Group.”

Following a year of intense and collaborative work, this year’s group worked on personal projects drawing inspiration from nature, local scenes and previous experience as far afield as Silver-smithing, Illustration and China restoration. The show is the culmination of each artist’s personal journey within the group …read more...

Shared Images Invitation Card

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