Weaving the Thread: Painting and the Imagination with Adrian Wiszniewski RSA: 9-11 June 2017


Friday to Sunday 10am to 5pm 

In this 3 day course Adrian Wiszniewski shows us how we can access the resources of our imagination through guided exercises, giving us imagery and ideas for our artwork.



The aim of this 3 day course is to stimulate conversations both verbally and visually within the group. Questions thrown up will be as rich and varied as the group itself. Work in the studio will be dedicated to the development of ideas, and from these ideas articulate through paint a personal response to a question or questions that arise through your investigation and discourse.


Glasgow born Adrian Wiszniewski is a multi-faceted artist who has worked in different fields from Painting to Music. A graduate of  Glasgow School of Art and a highly dynamic artist and one of the founding members of the New Glasgow Boys a generation of painters whose success in figurative painting helped ignite the revival of figurative art in Scotland at a time when abstraction, Pop and Conceptual art dominated western art. He is this year’s artist curator for the Royal Scottish Academy’s annual exhibition.