The Painting Year: Materials, Methods and Ideas – Mondays, 25 September 2017 to 2 July 2018


10am to 5pm

The Painting Year is a practical course taught by Dan Coombs and Guy Allott both are outstanding professional artists with substantial teaching experience. This course aims to fill in all the gaps you never knew you had in your understanding and practise of the age old activity of manipulating colour on a surface, called painting  …read more…

Fees £1700 per year or £650 per term

This course is divided into three terms of 10 weeks with a half term.  Bookings are available for the whole year or for one or two terms only.  Please note fees include End of year show at the Art Pavilion Mile End Park. Most basic art materials are included and you will be given a list of some specialist materials to buy when needed. This class in limited to no more 12 students to ensure quality student tutor contact time.

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The Course in Detail

We will be immersed in all aspects of painting, learning about and practising  different approaches to materials, methods and ideas. Learning about painting materials and techniques has been left by the wayside in many art schools, relegated to the inferior status of skills or craft. In fact, where ideas meet materials unexpected things happen. Just as it is unlikely for a fish to imagine walking, it is difficult for us to use thought or words alone to become powerful visual artists. Until exploration and making takes place within a visual medium the range and possibilities of materials remain silent to the thinker as they contemplate their idea within a different stream … read more…