‘Into The Woods’ with Guy Allot 22 April 2018


The relationship that Human Beings have with Forests and Trees is intriguing. We all have some kind of relationship with a tree or forest. This tree or forest may be from our childhood or more recently, it may be one we have actually seen or been in, or one we have seen in a book, film or picture.
During this one day class we will be exploring this relationship, that quintessential connection that resonates so deeply within us.

This class is limited to 12 participants. Book now to avoid disappointment.

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Today, especially with all the human activity around us, there are two types of forests we come across. The first is the kind that we have planted. This type of forest is typically for the Timber trade and is grown in grid patterns composing of rows of trees divided into blocks of wood. These trees will, more often than not, consist of a specific species of tree such as Alder, Beech, Cedar, Ebony and so on.

The second type of forest grows naturally, organically and is often referred to as Ancient Woodland. It is typically populated with a wide variety of different trees all of which, over time, take on their own character in their personal response to the surrounding Eco-system; often each tree stands on it’s patch of ground alone or within a small copse of the same species much like bamboo or weeping willows.

We have our own response to each of the forests describe above and the trees therein. Some kind of inexplicable connection. It is relationship that we are interested in. In this workshop ‘Into The Woods’ we will each aim to produce a painting of a tree which stands out in our memory or in our imagination; collectively at the end of this one day workshop these paintings will form a forest of individual trees.

With this in mind for this oil painting workshop please arrive with all the visual material you would like to work from; during the workshop you are free to work on any size of canvas. We look forward to working with you as we individually ‘grow’ our tree and collectively our forest.


London based Artist Guy Allot was born in the market town of Hexham Northumberland  in 1972, a graduate of Central Saint Martins (1999) and the Royal College of Art (2002), Guy is a versatile artist who works across several disciplines from painting to printmaking to sculpture and woodcuts.

As a young painter and sculptor he made playful cardboard maquettes of spaceships and paintings of surrealistic landscapes, sometimes combining the two in painted depictions of what he called Landscape Spaceships. By 2009 Guy work was noted to explore and subvert traditional representations of landscape in relation to man’s desire to explore and control nature; his paintings and sculptures present a fantastical merging of the philosophies of science and culture, offering a critique of historic social beliefs alongside an investigation into the contemporary… Read more>>>