Approaches to Abstract Painting with Anthony Daley: 27-28 January 2018


The Essential School of Painting is pleased to offer this weekend of practical abstract painting. The course is suitable for anyone who is interested in painting uppermost and is open to exploring non-figurative picture making processes, to experiment, explore and conjure at the juncture where thought mingles with the practical stuff of paint on canvas to create awe and magic; it is suitable for the absolute beginner through to the abstract-curious, abstract-critical or even the figuration-bound artist who is seeking re-examination and new horizons.

This class is limited to 12 participants and an assistant.

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This course aims to explore contemporary abstract painting through preparatory drawings leading to finished paintings. We will look at various approaches to painting encompassing the traditional and the more specific and distinctive use of painting materials, concepts, visual playfulness and witticisms that has underpinned and driven the production of some of the familiar iconic abstract pictures that we now encounter in our daily lives. Images that have been popularised on posters on our walls, in text books, in art galleries and museums.

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